About the Brand

HubFiiiT was founded in 2021 in Fleet, UK by Shireen, a seasoned professional in the fitness industry with over 19 years of experience. Seeing the lack of employee wellness benefits in many workplaces, Shireen aimed to create an all-encompassing wellness solution for everyone. HubFiiiT is committed to offering a thorough wellness experience to promote holistic health and fitness for all.

The Brief

HubFiiiT approached us with a need for a bold and attention-grabbing brand identity that would stand out in the competitive wellbeing market. They aimed to target workplaces grappling with issues such as high absenteeism and low productivity. The brand needed to resonate with leadership teams seeking innovative solutions to foster healthier, more productive work environments.

The Concept

The branding for HubFiiiT draws inspiration from the concepts of movement and gentle flow, creating a dynamic and engaging identity. We developed a visual and verbal identity featuring high-contrast blacks and yellows, complemented by bold typography that demands attention. The stark, high-contrast color palette vibrates with energy and defiance, reflecting a brand that is confident, direct, and unafraid to address challenging issues. HubFiiiT’s brand voice is strong and raw, encapsulating its mission to make a significant impact in the realm of workplace wellness.

The Outcome

Through our collaboration with HubFiiiT, we have helped them achieve a powerful brand presence that stands out in the wellness industry.

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